Sunday Letter: Whispers of Nature

published3 months ago
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With all the inadequacies of any narrative, the epic of evolution does present the story of the universe as this story is now available to us out of our present experience. This is our sacred story. It is our way of dealing with the ultimate mystery whence all things come into being.
~Thomas Berry, “The Earth Story,” in The Great Work

Our nature writing community gathered this week to explore our individual paths of self-understanding reflected in nature experiences. A daily practice of connecting with nature through our sensory perceptions helps us to discover narrative openings in our notebooks.

We choose path markers to explore more deeply, while honoring the limits of language to convey new levels of human experience and the effect on our bodies, minds, and spirit.

We accept that our stories will emerge in the whispers of nature.

How do you listen for your sacred stories?

Be well,


PS. There is still time to join our Summer Nature Writing Camp. Registration for this summer session will close on July 14, 2023. Learn more

Kathy Donchak

I am a wife, mom, nature, and book lover living in Central Texas. My work is the garden of my interests. The best way to get to know me is to subscribe to my Sunday Letter.

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