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Sunday Letter: The Field Beyond Distraction

Published 4 months ago • 1 min read

The world sheds, in the energetic way of an open and communal place, its many greetings, as a world should. What quarrel can there be with that? But that the self can interrupt the self — and does — is a darker and more curious matter.
~ Mary Oliver, Upstream

This week has been full of distractions, but seems to have come to a tipping point for me.

I employed the remedies I have in my toolbox. A session with a coach, reconnecting with myself in nature, and reading other writers to learn how they work through a lack of rest and too many distractions.

I found distractions are like layers of sound, there is always harmony and dissonance. The sounds can originate from nearby and faraway places. It is when they amplify a tightly held inner distraction that they can become an obstacle to contentment and ultimately block the path to our creativity.

The remedy is deep, purposeful rest.

A tired mind cannot parse the purpose of distraction. It can only ruminate on the effect of it strengthening its power.

Rest reignites curiosity. Creativity is born in a state of curiosity.

Give yourself the gift of the simple yet profound act of purposeful rest this holiday season and discover the field beyond distraction.

Be well,


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Kathy Donchak


I am a wife, mom, and nature lover living in the Pacific Northwest. My writing represents the intersection of my interests in nature, creativity, parenting, and human development.

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